Ultrasonic individual detection

solutions for indoor parkings

The specific constraints required by indoor parkings led our manufacture
to imagine adapted solutions. The indoor products we offer allow full optimization of your indoor parking’s management.

Detection and signaling at the entrance

The installation of a detector at the entrance considerably lowers installation costs and alleviates the parking’s mechanical structures.

Detector used:


Detection at the center of the parking place with remote signaling

For car parks with complex ceiling structures, whether they be high or low (beams, columns, etc.)

Detector used:


Detection and signal at the center of the parking place

Equipped with an ultrasonic transmitter-receiver with LED signaling.

Detector used:


Optimization and management

To optimize your parking’s management, the WinSP software centralizes and provides all the data in real time.

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Visual guidance

Thanks to our bright dynamic displays, the user is constantly informed of the parking’s situation and is guided throughout their route.

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