Quality Assurance Program

Because quality is what differentiate us from our competitors


ParkSonic has adopted a quality assurance approach that integrates the quality control function into the overall project lifecycle, thus reducing expenditure, defects and deviations from the project’s original budget, schedule and plan. Since our quality assurance process is part of every project plan, it becomes the responsibility of all staff to support and promote the quality of the overall project and the specific deliverables. Our quality assurance (QA) program provides opportunities to evaluate the progress of a project and to assess deliverables at relevant milestones. Thus, errors or non-compliance with requirements and standards can be discovered and addressed in a timely and effective manner. Post-implementation reviews confirm project success and the quality of project deliverables.

Challenges Our Approach Benefits
Maintain a quality standard of excellence consistently across all projects and in alignment with client standards. ParkSonic considers planning as a key element in the development of the project plan. Our planning integrates additional quality standards specified by the client into every project. Appropriate human resources, organizational structure, work and quality management processes, and calendar of deliverables to meet the quality standard of excellence.
Assign and empower a central quality management authority for every project and all project deliverables. At ParkSonic, project quality responsibility rests with the Project Manager, whose performance is regularly reviewed by ParkSonic’s Director of Strategic Consulting. The director also offers key guidance and support to all Project Managers. Clear lines of authority and responsibility for quality assurance during all phases of project, and a single point of contact for clients.
Contract specialist ensures that relevant contractual provisions are satisfactorily met.
Imbue a quality standard of excellence to project staff. ParkSonic communicates explicit responsibility to support and meet performance expectations to all project staff. Involvement of all project staff in quality control processes ensures the achievement of quality standard of excellence.
Establish a project calendar of scheduled reviews, reports and feedback and maintain open communications within the project for ad hoc troubleshooting and responses ParkSonic’s Project Manager (PM) will receive, prepare, review, deliver and archive periodic reports. The Project Manager will provide feedback, including substantive commentary, revisions, and corrections to activities. The PM will identify actionable items; and keep a calendar of check-off list of actionable items and corrections. The PM will work closely with client counterparts in this process. Additionally, the PM will participate in timely review meetings with ParkSonic’s Director of Strategic Consulting. Continuous quality management reduces overall project cost and risks, providing consistency throughout the project. It is particularly effective for early problem identification, resolution, and dissemination of lessons learned. Such quality control has the built-in flexibility to address unexpected issues as well as changes to project scope, staffing, assumptions and constraints. Our quality management approach affords transparency and accountability to the client.