About Our Company

We are a parking solution integrator.

Our Story

ParkSonic started in 2016 with a mission to bring the most innovative parking solutions to the United States. Today Parksonic represents the global leader in parking and mobility solutions. Our focus is to the United States market the best technologies that help businesses, institutions and municipalities create an unrivaled user experience, while making the switch as simple as possible for our clients. At the core of our company is a commitment to innovation, as our partner’s in-house R&D team has continuously kept ParkSonic at the forefront of parking technology.

What We Do

At Parksonic, we have integrated parking solutions time and time again. What seemed to be a simple concept providing space for people to put their cars while traveling, shopping or entertaining themselves may at times prove to be a challenge if you do not have the right technology or experience. That is were Parksonic comes in. We prodive parking solution to our clients so their clients can enjoy a true parking experience. New technologies have made parking quicker, easier and more customer-friendly.

So what are our basic guidance and space monitoring principles that distinguish us from our competitors?

  • keyboard_arrow_rightWe have solutions for every parking need. For instance, if you need a parking guidance system, we are able to provide you a solutions that individually monitores each space and its status in real time showing your customer the nearest parking sapce available while giving true feedback from the car park to the system, allowing for real time guidance signs to sell up the parking lot to the last free space.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightEvery parking garage is unique. We do not simply add some green or red lights to your garage to guarantee a better solution. After years of experience and working with the best manufactures research and development teams we design a solution based on your requirements, providing high quality installation for every project ensuring you get the most out of your parking garage.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightTo us it does not matter if your parking garage is small, with a low clearence or you only need to know which spaces are occupied. We can integrate multiple parking guidance solutions together if required.
Swiss Made Logo

All the parking guidance products we offer from Schick Electronics SA are made in Switzerland by our partner and their collaborators, assuring full control of the technology and longevity of the products, combining Swiss know-how and quality.

Our distributor actively participates in protecting the environment by contributing solutions which encourage smooth traffic flow and therefore significantly lowering CO2 emissions.